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About Studio PON

SRP. in Japan is much higher than MSRP. in US. Why?
Your local reseller performance is poor.
Your products are sitting in your local reseller's warehouse.
Your local reseller's objective is maximum profit, not maximum volume.
Your local reseller has been selling competitive products in secret.
Your local reseller is not popular among users and other resellers.
There are too many middle-men in-between.
You may need to police your local resellers.
No way to enter into the Japanese market at all.

Your Japanese rep. and/or liaison

Distribute your products with reasonable price(e.g. same as US)
Support your end users in Japanese language
Establish new distribution channel
Press Release in Japanese language
Translate manuals / WEB contents
Exhibit your products in trade shows in Japan
Produce events for Japanese customers in trade shows in USA
Prepare presentation materials in Japanese language
e-commerce in Japanese
Guide and interpreter while you are staying in Japan
Open your subsidiary in Japan

Current product line

Onyx Computing - TREE series (vegitation modeler)
Artel Software - Media 100 / Boris FX (NLE / plugins)
Nevercenter - Silo (3D modeler)
Studio PON original


CineForm - neo series (codec) rep., distributor
CoSA / Aldus - AfterEffects (composition) exclusive distributor.
Rorke Data - Galaxy series (storage / fibre channel) rep.
Color Vision - Color Vision (monitor calibrator) rep.
Lightscape - Lightscape (Radiosity) exclusive distributor.
HEURIS - MPEG Power Professional (MPEG encoder)
Electric Image - Animation System(Phong shader) rep.
auto.des.sys - form.Z(Solid modeler) exclusive distributor.
ADI - MacVAC(frame-by-frame VTR recorder) exclusive distributor.
Byte by Byte - Sculpt3D(3D modeler) exclusive distributor.
Credo - Life Forms(motion editor) exclusive distributor.
Spyglass - (Science Visualizer)
Northern Lights Production - plugins
Triple D Tools - plugins
Linker Systems - (2D Cartoon Animation System)
Lasergraphics - LFR series (Digital Film Recorder)
3D ImageTek - (Stereoscopic3D system)